Language Learning App


FrenchSpeak is a French language learning app for high school students. Faced with low course enrollment and low formative assessment performance in speaking ability, the school needed a way to improve enrollment numbers and for students to develop strong French language speaking skills.

FrenchSpeak is an engaging and immersive app designed to promote speaking in French. It is based on the social constructivist learning theory which emphasizes learning through networking and social interactions. Learners can customize their avatar, which adds a layer of personalization, and choose social scenes in which they engage and communicate with French speakers.

This app, combined with a French course, will develop confidence in students as they speak in French. The result is two-fold: one, a high level of interest in French is generated as learners use this app to communicate in French, which can translate into higher enrollment number, and two, learners are having fun learning and speaking French.

Responsibilites: Instructional Design

Tools Used: Marvel App

Target: High School Students

Year: 2021